Construction of Traveling Crane Embedded Power Assist Function

T. Miyoshi, Y. Suzuki, and K. Terashima (Japan)


Power Assist System, Traveling Crane, Motion Control


In this paper, a power assist system for a traveling crane is presented. This system is realized by measuring the crane's swing angle, which is caused by the operator's direct move ment of the object held by a traveling crane, and by moving the trolley and girder in the desired direction. Therefore, operators can move a heavy object freely using only slight force. In this paper, two kinds of controllers are proposed. One is a PD controller that emulates the dynamics of ob ject with damping and it moves the object in proportional velocity to the operating force in steady-state. Another is a PID controller that maintains the object's velocity continu ously after operators cease the application of their force. Its dynamics, damping characteristics, steady-state and so on are discussed in regard to the respective controllers. This system is applied to an experimental traveling crane in the laboratory, and the effect of energy saved by the power as sist is shown by measuring the heart rate of operator. The proposed system is very useful in reducing a large burden on operators who handle heavy object directly, thus it con tributes to operators' health.

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