The Development of Automatic Tool Changer and Integrated Applications Software for Polishing Robot System

S.M. Park, J.S. An, and B.-S. Ryuh (Korea)


ATC(Automatic Tool Changer), Polishing Robot System, Die-Mold, Tool Posture Angle


An effective die-polishing robot system is developed. Automatic Tool Changer (ATC), tool posture angle control, and robot program for polishing applications are developed and integrated into a robotic system that consists of a robot, pneumatic grinding tool, and grinding abrasives (papers and special films). ATC is specifically designed to exchange grinding tool for complete unmanned operation. Tool posture angle control is developed to maintain a specified skew angle on the surface for best finishing results. A PC and the robot controller control ATC and tool posture angle. Also, there have been various considerations on enhancing the performance of the system. Elastic material is inserted between the grinding pad and the holder for better grinding contact. Robot path data is generated automatically from the NC data of previous machining process.

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