Open Architecture Controller for a SCARA Industrial Robot

J.L. González Sánchez, E. Baeyens Lázaro, F. Gayubo Rojo, J.A. Macón Herrezuelo, and J. Miller Ménde


Open architecture controller, industrial robots, manufactur ing systems


An increasing interest towards the utilization of open hard ware and software platforms for industrial control appli cations has arisen during the last decade. Some of the most important developed projects are OSACA in Europe, OSEC in Japan and OMAC in the US. All these efforts are directed to the definition of an open architecture for controllers of manufacturing systems. The PC (personal computer) as the control platform facilitates the conectiv ity, standardization and availability of components, and the cost reduction. An aspect, however, remains scarcely anal ized: the application of these concepts on equipments de signed with a propietary control structure. An open control system for an SCARA industrial robot YAMAHA YK7000 has been developed to analize its viability and evaluate dif ficulties and limitations. The controller follows the guide lines defined by the OMAC architecture (Open Modular Architecture for Controllers). The control functions were implemented on a dual platform (two PCs): The first PC supports the critical functions, executing the paths planning and axes control tasks with a commercial axes control card. The second one supports the functions of user interfacing with the user and other non-critical time applications. Both computers are connected by a TCP/IP link.

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