A Computer Architecture for Small Walking Robots

M. Marinoni and G. Buttazzo (Italy)


Control architecture, Embedded systems, Real-time, Hexa pod, Walking robots.


Legged robot systems differ from wheeled vehicles in that several actuators have to be synchronized to achieve a con trolled locomotion. When the robot has to operate under real-time constraints, special architectures are needed for enforcing timing requirements on high-level control tasks, while synchronizing the low-level locomotion system. In this paper we describe a robot control architecture specifically developed for supporting real-time applications in small walking robots with limited resources. It consists of two hierarchical control layers, one dedicated to leg co ordination and the other to high-level control tasks. The proposed real-time system has been used to control the be havior of a six-legged walking robot, where the motion of each leg has to be synchronized with the others based on the walking parameters.

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