Development and Evaluation of DSP Filter for the Integration of the Driving Simulator with a Tele-operated Vehicle

D.S. Yun (USA), W.S. Lee, and J.H. Kim (Korea)


Driving Simulator, Unmanned Vehicle, Washout Algorithm, Intelligent Control, Robot Design


: In this research, the main theme is the system integration of driving simulator and unmanned vehicle. The integrated system is composed of the master system, the slave system and the wireless communication system. The master system has a cockpit system for acquiring driver's motion and the driving simulator, which is to generate vehicle motions. The slave system means a tele-operated unmanned vehicle, which is composed of the actuator systems and the sensory systems. The communication system uses RS-232C serial communication system, which combines the master system with the slave system. To integrate both systems, the signal classification, baud rate of communication system and system characteristics considered DSP (Digital Signal Processing) filter is designed with signal sampling and measurement theory. In addition, to simulate the motion of tele-operated unmanned vehicle on the driving simulator, the classical washout algorithm is applied to this filter, because the unmanned vehicle does not have a limited working space, while the driving simulator has a narrow working space and it is difficult to cover all the motion of the unmanned vehicle. Because the classical washout algorithm has a defect of fixed high pass filter, fuzzy logic is applied to reimburse it through an adaptive filter and scale factor for realistic motion generation on the driving simulator.

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