Statistical Probabilistic and Multiple Carry Prediction Approach for Performance Improvements for an Estimated Carry Adder

E.M. Ashmila, S.S. Dlay, and O.R. Hinton (UK)


Asynchronous Adder, Statistical Probability,Estimated Carry, Multiple Carry Prediction.


Recently a 32-bit asynchronous adder using a single probabilistic carry prediction attracted significant research interest worldwide. This paper demonstrates that the theory can be extended and theoretically, the adder can operate at the speed of a 16-bit addition for all inputs. Furthermore, this paper presents two carry control circuits for the 32-bit adder, to show that the performance enhancements for the proposed 32-bit adder. These are circuits are suitable for implementation in VLSI technology. The circuit has been simulated using HDL and the results are in line with the theory.

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