System Simulation of Optical Code Division Multiple Access (O-CDMA) Links

N. Saad, A. Vergonjanne, Y. Zouine, C. Aupetit-Berthelemot, J.P. Cances, and J.M. Dumas (France)


- Optical CDMA, Optoelectronic Circuits, Communications Circuits and Systems, Simulation


- We present in this paper the study of the performances of an Optical Code Division Multiple Access (O-CDMA) link by means of a system simulator. The main objective is to develop numerical simulations with the possibility of taking into account the optical, optoelectronic and electron device parameters together with the CDMA signal processing. In high-speed Local Area Network context, we have studied two examples of critical parameters : the modulator configuration (direct and external laser modulation) and the chromatic fiber dispersion.The results have confirmed that direct modulation is limited for chip rate about 10 Gbits/s and that the dispersion effect increases with the data bit rate and implies a compensation of dispersion.

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