"BMESH" Box-based Reconfigurable Mesh Architecture

M.R. Salehnamadi (Iran)


Crossbar, Mesh, MIN, Topology, ATM


In this paper a new approach to design a reconfigurable mesh architecture is presented. This method uses a single-stage interconnection network which can implement various arrangement to a mesh topology in synchronous mode and very high speed communication between two nodes in asynchronous mode. The contribution of paper is using the switching boxes to connection nodes as an interconnection network. The novelty of paper is proper and parallel connection of boxes and design of special code set which easily configures the network. The technical aspect of paper is its simple controller that can switch interconnection network properly. The main features of the presented architecture are: arrange high variety, few stage and low delay, simple switching mechanism, simple self routing, low propagation delay time and finally minimum diameter. To show the merit of the proposed architecture, a sort algorithm with this structure is presented.

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