A Link-disjointed Primary-backup Approach for Resorting Real-time 2-D Mesh Networks

H.-Y. Tu (USA)


Parallel Algorithms and Architectures, Primary-backupChannels, Failure Restorations, 2-D Mesh Networks


One common goal of mesh-based restoration techniques is to provide timely recovery of communications against any single network component failure. This paper presents a new primary-backup scheme for restoring real-time channels, with timeliness, from any single component failure in 2-D mesh networks. The proposed technique guarantees the finding of the optimal link-disjoint routing paths for primary and backup channels with single failure restoration using span-end and path restorations. This paper also compares the average packet delay and the number of lost packet in the recovery period for both restoration methods using our proposed primary-backup channels. The simulation results show that the span-end restorations, on average, are about 200% (two times) faster than the path restorations. Also the numbers of lost packets of the span-restorations, on average, are about 410% (about 4 times) less than those of path restorations.

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