Larger Application Specific Permutation Networks for SIMD DSPs

T. Dräger, M.J. Bronzel, and G.P. Fettweis (Germany)


interconnection network, instruction set, application specific, permutation, group theory, coset


We introduce the design of static interconnection networks with the help of group theory. With our approach it is possible to specify application tailored network topologies for permutation data transfers. We present the approach by means of a kind of SIMD DSP with limited size of in struction set. Using a chain of stabilizers, suboptimal so lutions can be found for larger networks compared to the full enumeration method introduced in [1]. We present an anhanced approach of a stabilizer chain to improve the so lutions in terms of maximum and average duration of data transfers and show the tradeoffs between quality of solu tions and comlexity. We also indicate the relation to the instruction set.

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