A Multithread NFS Client Architecture for the Multimedia Cluster Generation

T. Olivares, T. Cortes, L. Orozco-Barbosa, F.J. Quiles, and A. Garrido (Spain)


Clusters, I/O, NFS, pre-fetching, multimedia applications, MPEG-2, performance.


The development and wide deployment of digital video based applications have spurred the need of high performance parallel video processing systems. Clusters of workstations are seen as a technical feasible and economical viable solution on the development of high performance video processing systems. Based on the results of our previous research efforts, we introduce in this paper a novel predictive multithread NFS client. Throughout an in-depth analysis of our previous I/O performance results, we tune up the main parameters of the proposed mechanism for maximum performance. Our experimental results show that by properly tuning up the I/O system and by taking into account the application profile, a significant reduction on the time required in the processing of video can be achieved.

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