Power Aware Middleware

G. Kaefer, J. Haid, R. Schenner, and R. Weiss (Austria)


Remote Processing, Middleware, Wireless Communica tion, Power Awareness, Code Migration


Wearable devices using wireless communication infras tructure in a heterogenous network environment have to be very flexible. The provided flexibility depends on the wearable device including its operating system and the in telligent environment. Since wearable devices have very restricted resources, the flexibility should be further ex tended by the intelligent wireless environment. Therefore, future wearable computers using wireless connections will be based on distributed operating systems. We propose that middleware, responsible for power management, ad-hoc routing, and application scaling, has to be integrated in the system's power management con cept leading to power aware middleware. The paper de scribes our concept, shows some .NET platform dependent implementation details, and presents evaluation results of real-world image processing tasks.

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