Location Pre-query Approach to IP Mobility

X. He, Y. Jia, and Z. Lei


Wireless Networks, Mobile IP, Mobility, DNS .


: In this paper, we put forward a novel approach for IP mobility support with Location Pre-Query (MIP_Q) suitable for IPv6, solving the traffic bottleneck and single point error at the home network and improving the efficiency and reliability of communication. MIP_Q eliminates the agent of HA in MIP by extending the functions of Domain Name System to manage and track the location database of mobile nodes. MIP_Q uses parallel handoff procedures and avoids the triangle routing and tunneling. This paper analyzes and compares the cost and handoff delay of MIP_Q by effective algorithm with MIP and MIP_LR. The realization of MIP_Q is also discussed by referring to the widely used wide area cellular mobile networks. The analysis results show that MIP_Q precedes MIP and MIP_LR on handoff efficiency and number of additional entities. MIP_Q can decrease the mean cost of mobile communication greatly and lead to a reasonable handoff delay. MIP_Q also has feasibility in implementation especially for IPv6, since it has 128-bit IP address, which is hard to remember while DNS is widely used. At last, this paper gives out MIP_Q's simulation and implementation schemes.

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