A Software Monitoring Tool for Data Management on Mobile Devices

Y. Liu and D. Hart (USA)


Software tools, software monitoring, mobile devices, data compression


Mobile devices are gaining increasing popularity in recent years. Mobile software monitoring can help the developer better understand the function of mo bile software. Mobile monitoring is difficult due to the natural limitations of mobile devices, such as dis connection, limited storage, and limited computing power of CPU. Data collection for monitoring is lim ited by the storage constraint on mobile devices. We propose to apply data compression in the form of mobile agents on mobile devices. Selecting a suit able compression agent for a particular data set is not easy. We describe an evaluation tool which can evaluate the performance of each compression agent on a data set and make a proper recomendation to the user. The evaluation tool consists of a set of compres sion agents and a comparator, which calculates score functions to compare the performance of each agent so that a suitable agent can be selected. The eval uator was tested on different types of data sets and results are presented.

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