Improvement of Robustness for Ad Hoc Networks through Energy-Aware Routing

V. Venugopal, R. BartoŇ°, M.J. Carter, and S.S. Mupparapu (USA)


Wireless networks, ad hoc networks, energy-aware routing, robustness.


Maintaining complete connectivity in mobile ad hoc networks is a significant challenge, especially when one considers the limited battery energy and radio propagation range of typical nodes. In this paper a modified form of the ad hoc routing protocol DSR, termed Max-Min En ergy DSR (MME-DSR), is proposed. The performance of MME-DSR, measured by time required to establish or re establish connections as well as throughput, is compared with that of DSR for node movement scenarios that parti tion the network into thinly connected clusters. Simulation results demonstrate that MME-DSR maintains connectiv ity for longer time intervals than DSR without sacrificing throughput. In contrast with a similar energy-aware proto col proposed by Yu and Lee, MME-DSR retains the feature of route selection at the source and does not introduce ad ditional connection delay.

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