Multiple Grouping for the Load Balance of a Web-cluster System

Y.-W Bai and C.-Y. Chen (Taiwan)


Load Balance, Web Cluster, Web Server, QueueingTheory


Due to the development of electronic commerce and Internet applications, the Web service requests of Web servers have increased substantially. To fulfill the service requests and maintain the quality of Web services, one can use Web clusters to share the large amount of service requests. However, for a practical operation, a multiple groups of Web servers may coexist in a Web cluster due to different periods of products. Moreover, different groups of Web servers may have different service performances. Thus, in this paper, we propose a quantitative method based on a typical queueing model to analyze and equalize the service performance of multiple groups of Web servers. By keeping the system response time within a certain level, we can provide a quasi uniform Web service time. In addition, the add-on second group of Web servers can also reduce the blocking probability of the Web service. Overall, by using the system response time and the blocking probability, our paper proposes a general quantitative relationship between the server numbers of new group and old group for a Web cluster in order to expand the Web service capacity.

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