The Evaluation of Dynamic Load Balancing Algorithm on RHiNET-2

A. Kitamura, K. Watanabe, T. Otsuka, and H. Amano (Japan)


Dynamic Load Balancing, RHiNET, SPMD


RHiNET is a network for high speed parallel processing environment by connecting PCs distributed on one or more floors or a building. In such a network, the computing power and the load of PCs front-end job is different each other, thus, it is a heterogeneous environment, in which parallel execution time is dominant by the PC with the least performance. In order to keep performance, dynamic load balancing algorithms are proposed and implemented in a prototype RHiNET-2 with 64 nodes. As preliminary evaluations, several load balancing algorithms are imple mented for a simple parallel application and evaluated on the prototype. From results of the evaluation, a parallel process with dynamic load balancing achieves 20% perfor mance improvement compared to that without load balanc ing, when the front end job is set on certain nodes.

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