Distributed Execution of Multidimensional Programming Languages

B. Lu, P. Grogono, and J. Paquet (Canada)


Distributed, Multidimensional, Declarative, Demand driven, Client/Server.


We describe a technique for executing highly-parallel programs on a network and a prototype system that uses the technique. The programs are written in the Lucid family of programming languages. Lucid is a multidimensional declarative programming language in which computations are performed in an implicit evaluation context. The execution engine is using a demand-driven execution model and operates in a client/server environment. High-level Lucid code is translated at compile-time into an object-oriented representation in which each Lucid identifier is represented by a class and each Lucid value (identifier in a context) is an instance of this class. The execution engine uses a cache to improve the overall performance and is designed to achieve both flexibility and efficiency.

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