Assessment of SequenceL as a High-level Parallel Programming Language

P. Andersen and D.E. Cooke (USA)


SequenceL, Parallel Programming Language, Implied Parallelisms,High-level language. 1.0


Procedural languages like C and FORTRAN have historically been the languages of choice for implementing programs for high performance parallel computers. The inherent difficulties in writing efficient parallel codes with a procedural programming model are a motivation for pursing alternatives such as high-level parallel programming languages. SequenceL is a high level parallel language that provides declarative constructs for non-scalar processing. Rather than specifying program control structures that, in turn, imply a data product, the problem solver specifies a data product and the control structures to produce or process the data product are implied, including the parallelisms. This paper focuses on the recent advances in the development of SequenceL as a parallel programming language.

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