Design of a Compiler Framework in the GIPSY System

A.H. Wu, J. Paquet, and P. Grogono (Canada)


Intensional programming, compiler design, frameworkdesign, declarative programming, distributedcomputation.


Intensional Programming is a declarative programming paradigm that involves the programming of expressions placed in an inherent multidimensional context space. It is an emerging and evolving domain of very general application, but that has not yet been backed up by operational results using the latest and most powerful version: the Generic Intensional Programming Language. The GIPL is the latest and most generic offspring of the Lucid family of languages. The General Intensional Programming System (GIPSY) aims at the development of a programming system that would allow very dynamic investigations on the possibilities of Intensional Programming and all its widely different flavors and domains of application. This paper focuses on the design of a framework for the General Intensional Programming Compiler (GIPC).

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