Evaluating Applications Performance in a Multi-networked Cluster

A. Alves, A. Pina, J. Exposto, and J. Rufino (Portugal)


: cluster computing, SANs, multi-networked clusters, message-passing, multi-threading, performance.


Traditionally, a cluster is defined as a collection of homoge neous nodes interconnected by a single high performance communication technology. However, in some cases, clus ter nodes may be organized into several partitions sub clusters internally interconnected by one or more selected SAN technologies. In order to constitute a multi-networked cluster, sub-clusters must share a common SAN technology or a bridge facility must be used. In this paper we show how RoCL a lightweight user-level communication library designed to support multi-threading in a multi-networked environment manages to exploit such cluster organization. Performance evaluation results obtained by using two partitions of Myrinet and Gigabit SMP nodes demonstrate the usefulness of our approach both for low-level and high-level operation.

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