Improving Scalability and Reusability of Global Computing System using Peer-to-Peer Network

J. Han and D. Park (Korea)


global computing system, JXTA, peer-to-peer network, grid computing


The main goal of global computing system is to harvest the idle time of computers connected to Internet for building a virtual large supercomputer. While most previous systems follow centralized model, we proposes new fully decentralized global computing system using Peer-to-Peer (P2P) network. Two core goals of our system are to improve the scalability of system and the reusability of computation program. As the role of a broker of previous systems is shifted to peers in P2P network, there is no need of central server leading to scalability improvement. In addition, providing new service structure separating task management and actual computation, both new and legacy computation program can be easily adapted to our system resulting in reusability improvement. We implemented our system on JXTA P2P technology and also developed three applications running on our system to prove the usefulness of our system. Experimental results showed the improvement of performance.

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