Emma Middleware: An Application-level Multicast Infrastructure for Multi-party Video Communication

T. Yamashita, H. Yamaguchi, K. Yasumoto, T. Highashino, and K. Taniguchi (Japan)


Application Level Multicast, Java Middleware, Multi-party Video Communication


In this paper, we propose new middleware written in Java based on an application level multicast protocol. This mid dleware is designed for multi-party video communication systems such as video chatting systems where multiple video streams are multicast simultaneously on overlay net works. The main contribution of our middleware is that it provides two types of QoS control mechanisms on overlay networks suitable for such an application. One is inter stream QoS control, which controls the number of video streams on overlay links based on priority given to those streams. Another is intra-stream QoS control which pro vides congestion control on each overlay link. Also, our middleware has a quick recovery mechanism against end hosts' failure/leave. Our experimental results have shown that our middleware could realize a video chatting applica tion without causing serious delay and jitter, which is con sidered inevitable in application level multicast protocols.

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