The Static-priority Scheduling of Periodic Task Systems upon Identical Multiprocessor Platforms*

S. Baruah and J. Goossens (Belgium)


Identical multiprocessors; periodic tasks; global schedul ing; static priorities; rate-monotonic algorithm.


We study the global, static-priority scheduling of periodic task systems upon multiprocessor platforms comprised of identical processors. We improve upon earlier results in several ways: (i) we present an improved test for determin ing whether a task system is successfully scheduled by the (multiprocessor extension of the) rate-monotonic schedul ing algorithm. (ii) For periodic task systems that cannot be scheduled using rate-monotonic priorities, we propose a new polynomial-time algorithm for assigning priorities in a manner that is not rate-monotonic; this new priority assignment algorithm successfully finds good priority as signments for some periodic task systems that are not RM feasible.

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