ID-based Multicast Key Distribution Scheme for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

S. Lee, K.H. Lee, J.B. Kim, and S.-K. Lee (Korea)


Ad hoc, Id-based Cryptography, Key distribution.


In this paper, we address efficient multic ast key distribution for dynamic ad hoc network group. We propose scheme that multicasts keys providing security services for multicast, such as authentication, traffic integrity and confidentiality, when members changes. Our new schemes distribute into group key efficiently in dynamic group network. Unlike existing key distribution, our proposed scheme use ID-based public key pair. This can lead to huge savings in bandwidth and reduce overhead of computation in re-key. We also save computation time, since no verification of a certificate is necessary. In this work, therefore, we offer how to the CBT multicast protocol can provide for the secure joining and leaving of a CBT multicast group tree. Finally, the scheme that we proposed can provide a scalable and efficiency for key distribution of ad hoc network.

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