Design and Implementation of an Scalable Infrastructure for Autonomous Adaptive Agents*

J. Suzuki and T. Suda (USA)


software agents, autonomous adaptive agents, agent platform, middleware, distributed computing software


This paper describes our research effort to design, implement and deploy a scalable infrastructure for autonomous adaptive agents running on the Internet. We have designed a network application architecture, called the Bio-Networking Architecture, which models agents after several biological concepts and mechanisms, and implemented a platform software to host the architecture on the Internet. The platform aids developing and executing large-scale, highly distributed and dynamic network applications, each of which is composed of the biologically-inspired software agents, by abstracting low level networking/operating details and providing a rich set of runtime services. We overview several key features of the agents in our architecture, and describe the design and implementation of the proposed platform, showing how the platform satisfies a set of functional requirements derived from the features of our agents. We also present some measurement results to examine scalability and efficiency of the platform.

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