Provision of Transparent Application Layer Diverse Protection Services based on Lightweight Software Agents in P2P Networks

C. Bachmeir and P. Tabery (Germany)


Fault-tolerant Systems, Software Agents, Active and Pro grammable Networks, Multicast


Several approaches towards transparent, diverse protection services at the application layer have been proposed in re cent years. For diverse protection services, the discovery of appropriate alternate paths is one of the key issues. This is also the case for application layer diverse protection ser vices. In this work1 we introduce a scalable Peer-to-Peer (P2P) based active signaling overlay network. We use cus tomized lightweight software agents that are able to dis cover the targeted diverse paths in a scalable way, based on active and programmable architectures (Active Peers). Based on an inherent pseudo hierarchy in the P2P networkforced by constructionas well as on Active Peers, we provide a signaling architec ture that enables the distributed discovery of optimized al ternate paths (or trees) for transparent application layer di verse protected services.

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