Execution Atomicity for Non-blocking Transactional Mobile Agents

S. Pleisch and A. Schiper (Switzerland)


Mobile agents, non-blocking atomic commitment, transac tion, replication


In the context of e-commerce, execution atomicity is an important property for mobile agents. A mobile agent exe cutes atomically, if either all its operations succeed, or none at all. This requires to solve an instance of the atomic com mitment problem. However, it is important that failures (e.g., of machines or agents) do not lead to blocking of transactional mobile agents, i.e., agents that execute as a transaction. In this paper, we give a novel specification of non-blocking atomic commitment in the context of mobile agent execution. We then show how transactional mobile agent execution can be built on top of earlier work on fault tolerant mobile agent execution and give preliminary per formance results.

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