Applying Mobile Agents to Changing Message Migration

X. Xu, Q. Zhan, and J. Yao (PRC)


Collaborative Transaction Group (CTG), changing message migration, migration policy, Biological Inspired Theory, Control Model of Adaptive Mobile Agents


: In collaborative colony, changing message migration occurs frequently. In this paper, we introduce a concept about Collaborative Transaction Group (CTG). Intra-group transactions can share the intermediate results with one another, but this is transparent outside the group. It is required to constantly maintain the status of group members and the consistence of member view updating, and to keep such update event consistently affecting each collaborative member. Furthermore, we apply mobile agent to implement the changing message migration mechanism, analyze a pluggable mobile agent platform, and put forward a mobile agent migration policy and the control model of adaptive mobile agents. We also present the implementation methods of this mechanism, meanwhile a simulation testing is performed on the different scenarios with a network simulation tool Ns-2.

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