Java-based DSM with Object-level Coherence Protocol Selection

R. Kaiabachev and B. Richards (USA)


Distributed Shared Memory, Java, Coherence Protocols


This paper describes a Java-based distributed shared mem ory system (DSM) that simultaneously supports multiple coherence protocols. Coherence is enforced at the ob ject level, and programmers can select the desired pol icy at object-creation time. Our work extends the Aleph Toolkit [1], a framework for distributed computing in Java. Since Aleph and our extensions are written in pure Java, the system is completely portable and can leverage imme diately off of future improvements in the JDK. We demon strate that a multiple-writer protocol that we added to the Toolkit outperforms existing Aleph protocols for some ap plications, and that a combination of protocols can provide performance superior to that resulting from the use of a sin gle coherence scheme.

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