Transformation Interface - ParInt

J. Van Voorst, A. Raju, E. de Doncker, and K. Kaugars (USA)


High performance computing, integration software library, transformation, user interface


The ParInt system is a software package that computes multivariate integrals in parallel. Given the integrand func tion and a region it derives a numerical approxima tion of the integral of over The approximation of the integral is achieved using a parallel algorithm framework and well-defined cubature rules for given standard regions (e.g., cube, simplex). If the region is not a standard re gion, then it needs to be mapped/transformed to a standard region in order to apply the rules and subdivision struc ture. Another use of transformations is to alleviate singu larities. In this paper we discuss features and capabilities of the ParInt system as extended to provide a transformation interface.

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