Parallel Design of Multichannel Inverse Filters for Audio Reproduction

P. Alonso, J.M. Badía, A. González, and A.M. Vidal (Spain)


BlockToeplitz, Multichannel deconvolution, Inverse filters, Audio reproduction, Parallel least squares


In this paper, we present an efficient and portable parallel algorithm for multichannel inverse filter design in sound re production systems. The actual matrix used to specify the electroacoustic transmission paths is the matrix of causal finite impulse response filters. An array of finite impulse response filters is designed in a way that best approximates a given time domain response in the least squares sense. We exploit the nonsymmetric blockToeplitz structure of the multichannel system matrix in order to develop a fast parallel algorithm to solve the arising least squares prob lem. Experimental results, obtained on a cluster of personal computers and on a biprocessor board, show the perfor mance of our approach to the inverse filtering problem.

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