A Characteristic Algorithm for thet 3D Navier-Stokes Equation using padfem2

S. Blazy and O. Marquardt (Germany)


: algorithm design, padfem2, finite element,Navier-Stokes equation


In this paper we consider a finite element algorithm solv ing the three dimensional Navier-Stokes equation using the method of characteristics. The algorithm is based on a splitting scheme using a characteristic pressure correction method. It's well known, that the most expensive part of the characteristic integration scheme consists of the search for the volume that contains the foot of a given character istic. The present paper considers different techniques for solving this problem and presents a new, efficient formu lation of a search algorithm. This algorithm has been im plemented based on the parallel data structure provided by the finite element framework padfem2. We present the re sults that we have obtained applying this algorithm to two well studied flow problems. Furthermore, we show the effi ciency of the splitting scheme computed on a massive par allel cluster system.

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