First Experiences with SPIN, a Commodity Toolkit for Scientific Distributed Computing in Heterogeneous Environment

M. González (France)


Distributed Computing, Commodity Grids,Software Tools, Object-Oriented Systems, CORBA


The aim of this paper is to present the first results and learn ings at the time of testing the SPIN prototype. SPIN is an interactive and integrated toolkit for scientific computation. The main goal of SPIN is to allow the access to remote computational and storage resources in an easy to use and transparent way from the user's point of view. This toolkit, based on a multi-tier architecture, has been developed following a state of the art software engineering process, incorporating the CORBA standard (Common Object Request Broker Architecture), the PAC-Amodeus model (a multi-agent based model for interactive systems architec ture) and the Unified Process (UP) to guide the whole life cycle of the project.

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