Mobility and Replicability Patterns in Aspect-oriented Component-based Software Architectures

N.H. Ali, J. Silva, J. Jaen, I. Ramos, J.A. Carsí, and J. Peréz (Spain)


Reuse, Patterns, Migration, Replication, Aspects,Components.


The development process of software systems has become extremely complicated due to the complexity of the structures and the continuous evolution of the requirements. Software architectures are backbones for developing complex, dynamic and distributed software systems. Recently, two approaches have emerged to construct architectural models: the Component-Based and the Aspect-Oriented Software Development. In this work, we present distribution patterns for software architectures. These patterns describe cases in which elements should react to issues and adapt to changes in requirements to optimize the architecture by relocating or replicating. These patterns are applied to an aspect-oriented component-based software architecture called PRISMA to specify its distribution aspect using its ADL (Architecture Descriptive Language).

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