Realizing Distributed System Models with Programmable Networks

D. Houatra (France)


System models, concurrency, distributed applications,multi-services systems, network programmability.


An important problem in the construction of distributed systems is the openness of these systems to dynamic computations, i.e. the ability of these systems to support new infrastructure services and applications during their operations. Algorithms and services have been designed using several system models: synchronous, asynchronous bonded-delay, asynchronous, etc. In practice, most of the existing systems implement a limited number of system models, and can be hardly adapted to new applications. For example, a metropolitan area network used to develop a reliable data communication system can hardly support real-time audio-communications. In this paper, we describe new principles and an architectural basis for the development of distributed system infrastructures supporting multiple system models, that can be dynamically modified to be adapted to new application requirements, using programmable networks. The paper provides a framework for the application of network programmability and active networks to distributed system design, and their use to dynamically enforce multiple and concurrent system models. Such systems can be used to support multiple application profiles with the same computing and communication resources.

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