Connection History Management (CHM) Approach for Providing Web Server QoS and Security

S.-W. Shin, K.-Y. Kim, and J.-S. Jang (Korea)


Web Server, Web QoS, Network Security, DDOS attack


This paper presents the design, implementation, and evaluation of Connection History Management (CHM) approach to provide QoS ability and protect from network overloading and DDOS attacks. There are various kinds of research to provide QoS to Web server. But, they miss two important features. One is system burden of user layer implementation, and the other is no consideration of high incoming traffic caused by DDOS attacks. CHM approach is implemented in kernel for reducing burden of system, and remembers connection history for discriminating between legal and attack packets. We have implemented CHM approach in Linux kernel and made simulation environment for testing. Simulation results demonstrate that CHM approach provides QoS ability in a simple way and stops DDOS attacks efficiently.

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