Computing Handover Failure Probability in Up/Down Link of LEO Satellite Networks with Satellite Fixed Cell

B.-J. Lee, X. Ying, and Y.-C. Kim (Korea)


Handover failure probability, quality of service, call admis sion control, LEO satellite networks


In this paper we study the handover failure probability and present a call admission control scheme considering the call level quality of service (QoS) in LEO satellite net works. QoS provisioning of low handover failure proba bility is used in the proposed call admission control (CAC) scheme to guarantee predefined QoS level of call dropping probability for each calls. To ensure the call dropping prob ability we formulate the handover failure probability us ing the classification of the local traffic conditions and the derivation of generation probability for the equivalent case of handover failure event. The performance of the pro posed scheme has been evaluated in terms of call dropping probability and handover failure probability. The perfor mance evaluation results have clearly shown that the pro posed CAC scheme guarantees the continuity of call con nections with predefined QoS levels.

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