A Hybrid Scheme for Transmission Schedules in Streaming Media

Z. Xia, I.-L. Yen, D. Du, and P. Li (USA)


. Admission control, transmission schedule,traffic smoothing, integer programming.


Quality of service (QoS) assurance for media delivery is a major concern in media-on-demand (MoD) systems. Admission control is one of the most important issues that need to be addressed for QoS assurance. Also smoothing is a basic technique for the server to improve its bandwidth and buffer utilization. However, existing admission control algorithms and smoothing schemes perform separately and, hence, cannot achieve the best effect. These current approaches are not suitable for large-scale MoD systems because (1) they cannot fully utilize the time-varying buffer spaces available at both server and client sides, and (2) the computing time is unacceptable for media of long duration. In this paper, we present a hybrid scheme to integrate the admission control procedure and transmission scheduling. To improve the resource utilization, we deal with the long media and short media separately. We formulate the aggregation admission control problem as an integer programming problem and use a heuristic method based on network flow to compute the solution.

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