HomeNet - A Grid Type System for Home Networking

L. Vasiu (UK)


grid, SSI cluster, Java, JXTA project 1.


: Moores law has meant that most households in the west countries own at least two perfectly functional computers. At the same time personal area networks are beginning to emerge, linking up mobile phones, PDAs,mp3/ogg,Vobis players, etc. These two types of small, local, single owner/administrator networks need an appropriate model of functionality and management to provide the users with the highest degree of functionality. This paper describes an effort to create a heterogamous networked system using Java and t JXTA project, model witch is based on clusters and grids concepts. The main function of the system is to allow central control of all peers from any peer and sharing of data resource. Another requirement is robustness and resilience to peer failure. The implementation and the test carried proved that a grid type model for home networking is a valid model.

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