Wireless LAN Deployment in Large Extension Areas: The Case of a University Campus

J. Lloret, J.J. Lopez, and G. Ramos (Spain)


WLAN, wall loss, radio coverage, 802.11


This article deals with the issues related to the deployment of wireless LAN (WLAN) of large extension. Specifically, the studies and works developed towards the set-up of the campus WLAN of the Polytechnic University of Valencia are presented. The paper includes the solutions used to solve difficulties and provides a structured method consisting of different phases which have been applied as a working strategy in this work and would be useful in future WLAN deployments. Color maps with radio coverage of different buildings are presented. In addition, indoor wall absorption and interference between channels are discussed. The minimization in the quantity of WLAN Access Points has been an important premise in this work, in order to minimize budget and interferences. Now, the university network is in the installation phase, according to the guidelines of this work.

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