Differentiated QoS Queue System

C. Oottamakorn (Thailand) and D. Bushmitch (USA)


Quality-of-Service, Differentiated Service, Resource Management, Scheduling Algorithm.


Provisioning QoS for Internet applications will be required in the future high-speed IP networks. These applications have different traffic characteristics and performance re quirements such as demands on loss and delay bounds. We propose a resource management and scheduling algorithm at an output link of each IP router, which assures service differentiation among Internet traffic classes. The algo rithm can provide both relative and absolute (where appli cable) QoS guarantees for traffic classes. Our key tech nique is to develop a scheme for capturing the perspec tive traffic characteristics and performances by monitoring traffic arrival, which allow the resource management in ad vance to determine a sufficient service rate for each traffic classes to meet its QoS requirements. In addition, the key design goals were that the algorithm can provide simple and scalable implementation and efficient control of QoS assurances. We present simulation results which demon strate its efficiency in handling compressed video traces.

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