Inter-piconet Scheduling for QoS Support in Bluetooth Scatternet

H. Chen, T.V.L.N. Sivakumar, L. Huang, T. Kashima, and Y. Nakagawa (Japan)


Bluetooth scatternet, Inter-piconet scheduling, QoS,Wireless Ad-hoc network


In Bluetooth scatternet, the nodes participating in multiple piconets (PMP nodes) act as gateways among piconets. Since every node has only one radio interface and operation between piconets is un-synchronized, PMP node has to schedule carefully to participate in each piconet. This paper proposes a scheduling algorithm for masters and PMP nodes in a scatternet that can satisfy bandwidth reservation and delay constraint. For a PMP node, the next switch to a piconet is based on reservation negotiated at last communication with the master of that piconet. The reservation is based on empty slots on the calendars of both master and PMP node; thus, they do not need to check at fixed rendezvous points for the presence of the peer nodes. The start of next switch can be dynamically adjusted within a delay range to optimize the time allocation for each node, i.e., switching to a piconet is not strictly periodic, which can avoid reservation collisions. Some simulation results are also provided.

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