Impact of End-to-end QoS Connectivity on the Performance of Remote Wireless Local Networks

V. Rakocevic (UK)


Wireless Networks, Quality of Service,Multimedia over Wireless, Network Simulation,IEEE802.11


: This paper presents results from ns-2 simulation of an integrated wireless wired wireless network architecture, in which wireless stations attached to a wireless LAN transmit UDP video traffic and TCP data traffic to wireless stations attached to some other, remote wireless LAN. The communication between the two LANs is achieved through a sequence of wired routers. This paper evaluates the end-to-end network performance in terms of the packet delay, loss and throughput of both video and data traffic for the case when intermediate fixed routers support priority CBQ/WRR scheduling and for the case when they perform only first-in-first-out scheduling. The paper investigates the improvements priority scheduler introduced to high-priority UDP video traffic and, importantly, the effect of the priority scheduler on the end-to-end performance of the low-priority TCP transfer.

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