Stream Cipher Sequence Matching using Reconfigurable Hardware

S. Bojanić, G. Caffarena, S. Petrović, and O. Nieto-Taladriz (Spain)


Telecommunication Technology, CommunicationProtocols, Stream Ciphers, Cryptanalysis, Edit Distance,Reconfigurable Hardware.


Stream ciphers are regularly used for data protection in communication protocols. In this work, the stream cipher sequence matching was realized in reconfigurable hardware in order to accelerate cryptanalytic attack on a class of stream ciphers that use linear feedback shift registers (LFSRs) with irregular clocking. The matching was based on the computation of the edit distance of two sequences. A dynamic programming algorithm was chosen, thus offering parallelization that was exploited in the hardware implementation. The systolic array implementation was realized on FPGA device XC2V6000 from Xilinx and results indicate significant gain in performance over the software implementation.

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