SRMSH: A Multiple Layer Mechanism for Multicast Congestion Control Providing Detection and Recovery Loss

O. Martinez Bonastre and C. Palau Salvador (Spain)


- Congestion Control, Reliable Multicast,Loss Recovery, Layered Multicast.


The two main concerns that a reliable multicast protocol must address are congestion control and throughput evaluation. Packet loss plays a major role with respect to both concerns. The primary symptom of congestion in many networks is packet loss so it is the main obstacle that must be overcome in order to achieve reasonable throughput. Reliable multicast solutions that deal with congestion control can be roughly categorized as using single or multiple rate schemes. In this paper, we present the Scalable Reliable Multicast Stair Hybrid (SRMSH) as a new hybrid congestion control algorithm for layered multicast sessions that employs a multiple rate mechanism for achieving reasonable throughput, and we focus on using Scalable Reliable Multicast (SRM) mechanism for loss detection with recovery and STAIR like technique to deal with congestion control. Besides, we redefine SRM in order to integrate appropriate mechanisms for congestion control.

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