Convergence Rate Comparison of Distributed Power Control Algorithms of Wireless Communication

M. Elmusrati, R. Jäntti, and H. Koivo (Finland)


Power control, contraction mapping, convergence rate,DPC


The convergence speed is an important factor in the selection of the optimum power control algorithm for a wireless communication system. In this paper, convergence speed of power control algorithms that are contradiction mappings are discussed. So far most of the studies on power control have used spectral radius of the corresponding iteration matrix as a convergence speed measure. However, this method is only applicable to linear algorithms. In addition, although always possible, finding the spectral radius can sometimes be tedious. In this paper we show that a simple differentiation of the power control algorithm can be used to compare the convergence speed of algorithms. Using our approach, one can compare the convergence speed of linear as well as nonlinear power control algorithms without explicitly solving the spectral radius.

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