A Design for Integrated Wireless Network with Flexible Bandwidth Assignment

T. Nomura, K. Kawano, K. Kinoshita, and K. Murakami (Japan)


mobile communication, seamless communication, integrated wireless network, network design


Recently, the integrated wireless network where users can communicate via several wireless access sys tems seamlessly has been expected. However, there is no study of its network design method. Therefore, in this paper, we discuss the network design method for the integrated wireless network. In view of the handoff between the base stations of the heterogeneous wireless communication systems, the network design where ad jacent base stations are connected to the same router regardless of radio system type is simply considered. However, in this design, in the case that mobile users crowd into a particular area and users' accesses to the base stations located there increase, the load of these accesses is centralized to the single router. To over come this problem, we propose a new network design where the base stations of heterogeneous wireless com munication systems whose service areas overlay one another are connected to the different router. In the proposed network design, even though users' accesses concentrate to base stations located in a particular area, users in its area can be assigned bandwidth of several upper links according to the access conditions of base stations in neighboring areas. Finally, we show the excellent performance of the proposed design by simulation experiments.

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