Fault-tolerant Exactly-once Reliable Multicast Protocol for Distributed Mobile Systems

M.A. Maluk Mohamed and D.J. Ram (India)


Wireless Networks, Mobile Computing, Reliable Mutilcast, Exactly-Once Reliable Message Delivery, Faulttolerant


With the advent of distributed mobile systems, many new mobile commerce applications such as mobile auctions, will gain benefit if group communication among users is supported by the wired and wireless networks. Such ap plications require atomic all-or-none transactions, as well as secure and reliable multicast. The key constraints of the mobile host, namely poor computational resources, limited battery power, low bandwidth, and problems due to mobil ity, has made multicast communication in distributed mo bile system a challenging goal. To support reliable multi cast, the protocol could allow one or more different retrans missions schemes. Keeping the constraints in mind it is mandatory to see to that the mobile hosts ideally avoid the repeated reception of the data. This characteristic lead us to investigate reliable multicast protocol that could deliver the message exactly-once for distributed mobile systems. The novel feature of the protocol is viewing the mobile systems model as a two-tier model (unlike the three-tier existing view), reducing the communication overhead in the wired network, especially by not taking any node as a centralized node. Thus it reduces the risk of a single point failure. The protocol tolerates mobile support station failures, and pro vides total ordered message delivery.

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