Design and Implementation of Protocol Analyzer for Mobile IP Networks

O. Kobayashi and A. Idoue (Japan)


Mobile IP, Protocol Analyzer, Communication ProcedureAnalysis, State Transition Emulation


Recently, mobile data communication services are widely provided and Mobile IP has being applied for mobility management of mobile terminals. In addition, various protocols including PPP and RADIUS are used in conjunction with Mobile IP in public cellular networks specified by 3GPP2. In order to detect protocol misbehaviors and failures in mobile networks, it is required to analyze these protocols and inspect interactions among them. However, existing protocol analyzing tools do not meet the requirements for analysis of complex procedures specific to mobile environments. For this reason, we have implemented a protocol analyzer which supports analysis of protocols used in mobile networks especially specified by 3GPP2 standards. This paper presents detailed design and implementation of our protocol analyzer for Mobile IP based networks.

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